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Why give you Presents - you are getting paid???

Well, originally I thought that to... until oneday a client gave me a present which was something I really loved & I don't even remember mentioning it. It made me feel so special, it created a Memory... Remember, I am single by choice but I can feel lonely, so in that moment when a present is given - it really touches me.

*Note - there is NO preferential treatment for those who give presents*

I see this time in our lives as Very Special ...

I truly want to spoil you.

Give you pleasure and be pleasured.

I want to take you out of your comfort zone and fulfill any secret desires you have... you know - that one OR simply just hold you in my arms, listen & rejuvinate your soul.

The Biggest Poison in Life is Regret...

Ask yourself - do I want to look back on my Life & Say

I wish I had... I won't be xxx


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