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10 Things about Women and what we like...

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

  1. Be on time.

  2. Compliment her - but go beyond the usual - you are beautiful. This will be different with each woman but there is something arousing & UNFORGETTABLE when a man is creative with his sincere compliments.. e.g. I once had an Italian come up to me in Florence who gave me flowers but apologized as he said he could not find any that were as luminous as me. I know, it is corny but do you think I will ever forget him! Get creative, I believe it is good for your libido and the woman's.

  3. Smell good, stay reasonably fit/well groomed but most importantly - look after your teeth. Kissing is sooo unbelievably awesome and the wet spot starter but when teeth are unkempt, it is like ewww.

  4. Be Chivalrous. It is so good to have that attitude and open doors for women, walk on the right side of the street, help them with their jacket, be attentive and courteous. I know some woman have become sooo independent they knock this back but seriously - do you want to be with a woman like that? Do not forget who you are - A MAN!!! I have never seen an ovary chase a sperm in creation but a chivalrous man, the knight in shining armour, HE can be spotted a mile away and it is a HUGE NATURAL TURN ON for all hot blooded women.

  5. Romance. Romance is not dead unless we make it that way & woman love it!!! Be creative and generous and when I say creative I don't mean flowers or chocolates!!! May be a hand written card with poetry you thought off that can even be posted (if you are living together this is even better.) Generous by giving her a foot or head massage but don't expect anything else because sometimes women just want to be touched, not fucked.

  6. Study up and learn how to truly give good oral sex and always massage your woman before starting. SHE COMES FIRST - which is on audio books is seriously good.

  7. Woman can be needy. I know, it is a real pain in the arse so be a good communicator. We are all on our journey in realizing that the most fulfilling relationship we can share is within ourselves. But until then - communicate and demonstrate trust, honesty and reliability to her. You also need to let her know that you need your space some days and that the time out has nothing to do with anything she has done.

  8. Make my Mind Cum... Yep. I can only speak for myself (but I am sure I am not alone) An utter fall to my knees and tingle all over my body starts with stimulating my mind. Example could be:- your plan for the day is to enjoy and make your partner cum, so don't just start when you feel the urge. When she wakes up, tease her by just talking a little dirty in bed what you plan to do to her when she comes home from work BUT DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HER, DO NOT MAKE HER CUM. Put a note in her lunch box how you love her body and that you are going to worship it. When she comes home, have the house in what I call in the ROMANTIC ZONE which means there are candles everywhere, nice oil burning, a bottle of good wine and finger food to hand feed her. Tease her but don't touch the usual spots that you think get her off (I will write another blog about this later.)Take her clothes off and make her a bath but don't join her. Let her relax and reflect on how romantic this is...When she is finished you can dry her off, don't be shy in telling her how hot she is and let your hands/mouth tease her sooo much she will just beg for your hard on...I don't think I need to say more...Oh except, when you think you are going slow... go even slower :)

  9. Ignore your phone when you have committed time together unless it is to take fun photo's :)

  10. Ask her to book you as her escort for a night!!! Let her know she can be as demanding and dirty as she wants to be to! Dress up, bring out the candles, feed her food and massage massage massage her. Sooo horny LOL :)

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