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SEDUCTION VS SEX - which one gives the ultimate pleasure?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

It is an interesting subject as an escort/paid companion etc - because at the end of the day - I am pretty much a sure thing :)

You see my photos, you may read my website, perhaps get a hard on and think - yep that is what I am looking for and book me. You could even say the process of seduction has begun already but what is it like for me?

Personally, to just have straight out sex in this industry is VERY empty.

I remember when I first started, I had a defining moment on reflection HAS SHAPED ME with a blessing which I would like to share...

One of my first clients who contacted me kept rescheduling the time we should meet, then the amount of time, in fact it ended up to be only 15mins and a small amount of money on offer. I was so frazzled that I just accepted as I had spent the whole day waiting and being authentic by knocking back other inquiries. Finally He came, then He Came and then He left...

I have never felt so crap that I promised I would never be treated like this again in any area of my life. Gentlemen, don't ever do this to an escort or any woman. Have a wank instead, it surely cannot be good for you either deep inside.

So that is where the Art of Seduction, as a value I share in this world of being a paid companion was born. It is why you will find when contacting me I ask questions, I want to feel you out, I want you to feel me out, I want there to be a connection, a mutual sense that this a unique opportunity - because it is.

I like to think our time together is a relaxed and personal Journey into pleasure... where the initial conversation, meeting and slow seduction of undressing a Sexy Woman...

Ask yourself...

Is it NOT THE JOURNEY that makes a Final Destination SO FULFILLING?

So to answer the question Sex Vs Seduction - well for me, you just can't have one without the other and if you want to have just sex - Well I'd prefer if you just wanked yourself please xxx

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