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What makes a good Male Escort...

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Have you ever thought - I would love to be a male escort???

You know, a standard remark I get a lot is - Wow I should be doing this for a living!!!

The silent thought in my mind is always the same - well why don't you!!!

So what does it take to be a good male escort and is there a market out there?

Well I can only speak for myself. When I came out of a long term relationship, I did not want to jump into another one, Tinder was not an option (foul!) yet I was sooo lonely, horny, I missed not being held plus I yearned to be heard. So briefly, I looked at booking a male escort...

Now even though I chose a different path, what were those attributes that I was looking for in a High Quality Male Escort...

LOOKS - yes, you do have to have some kind of edge to you. I am not saying you have to be a Daniel Craig, but that confidence, male energy that you know you are well skilled in satisfying a woman is A HUGE PART of being a good escort.

You also have to decide on what is your look that you are going for - e.g. corporate man in suit, hot muscled up tradie, or rugged farm boy in flannel and jeans etc. It goes without saying your grooming standards, fitness and headspace have to be continuously worked on (which is why the industry is sooo good as you never get slack and there is something so nice in feeling hot ALL THE TIME.)

INTERESTING - You have to be interesting. If you think you can just rock up to a booking and expect your pecks to win a woman over - yawn!!! This is probably one of the hardest skills to achieve and I cant exactly explain how it is to become interesting (google it and get going on being it) but there is something very stimulating for a woman when she meets a man who is interesting. Remember, for most woman - it is our head space you need to stimulate first.

A GOOD LISTENER - you need to sincerely be present and listen to a woman. Again, educate yourself with books on what woman want, learn how to bring out that Goddess Energy within her as she hasn't booked you because she is feeling top of her game right now. Be warm and Chivalrous. Remember - we love a Knight in Shining Armour...

SKILL SET - does size really matter? Yes and no. It depends on your skill set. I believe if you are amazing with your hands, massage and oral skills, have a good knowledge of toys and how to use them on a woman, your market could simply be Massage with stimulation as not all woman want to have a full service. NOTE:- not all women want oral sex to as it is a very personal zone plus you would have to use a dental dam to protect her from STD's.

CONTROL - if you do feel that your tool is one to satisfy a woman, remember it is NOT ABOUT YOU so you MUST HAVE GOOD CONTROL. When I say good control, I mean it stays hard with a condom, that when a woman wants you to cum, you cum!!! It really takes the edge of a mutual explosion when one cums and the other doesn't. Remember, woman at heart are romantic creatures...

COMMUNICATION - I am not sure on how this works as I have never seen a male escort and it is where you will need to educate yourself but I would NOT WANT A MAN TOUCHING ME WHERE I HAVE NOT GIVEN PERMISSION TO. So I feel, part of the physical side of your service is to always check in as to what her boundaries are...

RESEARCH - Don't be lazy!!! You really need to see what men are out there doing this and see where you are at. I seriously feel there is a lack of mature male escorts and a much bigger demand from mature females looking for this service but you must do your research. You also need to price yourself correctly. Don't think you are going to earn anything like female escorts but

also do not think that one day you wont command a higher price. Like any business, it takes time, skill & strategy.

FUSSY - One thing I have heard men say is that - oh I would find it hard if the woman is not attractive. My three replies here are:-


2. If you are a true skilled man, you find sexy in every woman... I have a male friend who is so skilled HIS attitude is that every woman needs to be satisfied. I love his confidence and for some bizarre reason he always attracts really amazing woman.

3. You have the right to screen your clients and say no. I personally do not see everyone as it is not just about the $$$ but chemistry and being authentic.

Well, that is all I have to say about this subject. I feel if you were serious about entering the industry, please do your due diligence. I feel it could be very rewarding and exciting in many ways but everything does come at a cost...then again my saying and how I live my life right now is

The Biggest Poison in Life is Regret... Ask yourself - do I want to look back on Life & Say

I wish I had... I won't be xxx

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