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Not another blogger...ummm kind off :)

Firstly, I do not proclaim to be some amazing writer with fantastic grammar & no spelling mistakes. Also, I will not share anything in these blogs that are of a personal nature that happens between myself & my client unless they give me permission to do so...

I will however, give a real, honest & authentic insight into what goes on in a woman's head, well, at least mine anyway & hopefully give you a laugh to :)

How it started...

Well originally I was on Twitter but it felt somehow not personal between you & me. Plus it really exposed YOU as the client via your twitter account on what I think should be the ultimate state of being when knowing me - PRIVACY!!!

Personally, I am not one to read blogs until recently when I started to read the blogs on an excellent escort website in Switzerland called The Velvet Rooms (become a member and check it out) or even better - lets fly over there and have some fun!!!

It is run by an awesome woman called Janet, who was very genuine and generous in writing back to me with many suggestions, one being to start my own blog - so here I am.

As I say 'The Biggest Poison in Life is Regret'

Ask yourself - Do I want to look back on Life and say - I wish I had?

I won't be xxx

Please Note:- Blogs are written at random when I feel to express something. I value your opinion so please, feel free to email me back if you have anything you would like to know & then I can share... needless to say...crude and dumb remarks will be deleted and blocked :)

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