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TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM - THAT IS THE QUESTION... Addressing Erectile Dysfunction

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

I would like to start and say that I am not going to address any cure or share anything private (which was not given permission to do so) that has happened between myself and a client regarding Erectile Dysfunction but I do however encourage you to speak to your doctor with any concerns you have.

My blog is just a summary of how it feels for me when dealing with Erectile Dysfunction...

Let me start by saying I feel Sex is just like one big train ride in life, where you get off and on stops and try things at different stages of your life.

First stop - Teenagers. Making out in cars, cinemas, masturbating to playboy magazine and watching porn. Wondering why the heck am I so wet and OMG seeing a man ejaculate for the first time!!!

Second stop - First real love, first real heartache, followed by trying a one night

stand, exploring my sexuality and just feeling quite judgmental about who I am and what people think of me.

Third stop - The Big Relationships, for some - marriage and even kids. I think many of us lose our sex drive with our partner in long term relationships that are not worked on or maybe we married too young and have outgrown each other. In my case, as loyal as I was, boredom and lack of chemistry lead to me feeling like I was having early onset menopause and I knew there was something missing.

Current stop - THE BEST. There is nothing more empowering for me, as a single, mature age woman whose body has transformed into being this walking primed orgasm (I know, it sounds over the top but it is true and I think it comes with age) to crave and provide an intense, intimate, sexual experience to kind & generous gentlemen who value and want to reciprocate in such an authentic relationship.

This stop was unexpected at my age and careful consideration was done, followed by lots of research, countless practices with putting a condom on a carrot with my mouth (hilarious right) learning my value and boundaries and of course buying the uniforms - Lingerie (sorry gentlemen but lingerie just isn't as comfortable as a pair of white knickers and a flannel shirt but I get the visual aspect of it all and I do enjoy dressing up for you.)

So you can imagine my surprise when a high percentage of gentlemen I have met have erectile dysfunction. At first, I felt that maybe I was a bit of a failure, but thanks to one loving and supportive gentleman who educated me in the fact that his pleasure came from giving me pleasure, made me realize that the cock (as beautiful as it is) was not the commander of the ship, rather the second mate and that when you learn that the body is designed to be this holistic pleasure bomb - well I am getting wet just writing about it.

THIS STOP, no matter how good you are in giving pleasure, ALWAYS has room for improvement through education and finding your Muse, THAT WOMAN whom you can feel safe with, listen to her instructions, take pleasure, protect and recognize how priceless she really is. For example:- did you know that the clitoris has 18,000 nerve endings (twice as much as the penis) and over 18 parts both visible and hidden that GIVES YOU THE POWER to participate in the pleasure of giving a woman multiple orgasms, not just the one.

Imagine, rather than the usual 'hit for the clit' and hope technique, you become the True Master of the best tool that even porn star Ron Jeremy in possession of his famous 10inch cock said

"More women have gotten off with my Tongue than my Penis."

This example and many more you can master, from massage to Tantra, I feel is the ultimate state of maturity and empowerment for a man, that erectile dysfunction changes the direction of sex to not just be foreplay BUT CORE PLAY - followed by a gentle cuddle and tickling my hair, please :)

So the moral of this BLOG - Erectile Dysfunction may not be a physical cum but an exquisite, mental orgasm for you and if you find YOUR MUSE - ROCK HER WORLD!!!

It is the adventure and education you don't want to miss, empowering, revitalizing and as the famous saying by Red Butler from Gone with the Wind said -

'A woman should be kissed and often and by someone who knows how...'

Reference for education on the above blog comes from the priceless audible book

- She Comes First by Ian Kerner -

Love, if you choose, from your Muse - Adele xxx

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