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I really appreciate that you found me & took the time to look at my website. Below I have written some Q&A that hopefully will help with any other questions you may have...


Why book me?

Good question...
Well, at my age, I just know what I want, no fuss no drama. I am single by choice, sexually in-tuned with my body, sincerely enjoy pleasing you.

I am sexy, reliable, funny & really Live Life to its FULL POTENTIAL.

My positive/creative energy is very attractive to be around & I have been told I bring good luck, which makes me laugh, still it is nice to hear.

What are my NO NO's?

STUPIDITY! Please do not book me if you have a cold or std (I will subtly check.)

Rough behaviour or use of narcotics. Smokers/Drinkers are welcome, just know that I don't.

I do not offer Porn star, anal or any type of photography/videos.

I always use a condom with sexual intercourse. Please do not embarrass me by insisting we don't need one, or equally as bad - wanting to rub your cock on my sacred pussy - it really kills the moment :(

Do I offer an in-call or out-call service?
I offer both.

In general I am usually booked out a week before so keep that in mind.

If you are new, my suggestions is to make it a 2 hour booking so we can get to know each other more. I will book a hotel at my own expense and if we have chemistry, then next time you book, you will be invited to my Private Boudoir...

*Out-calls must be 4-5* hotels as I value my safety.

Please note that I am a low volume provider. I only see one client per day and I do give preferential treatment to longer bookings.

Where am I located?
I am based mainly in Hobart. However, if I visit interstate I will advertise.

I am happy to consider 'A fly me to You' arrangement.

How do I make a booking?

Call, text or email but don't be surprised if I am already booked.

Most of my regulars book well in advance, but of course, please contact me - you never know x.

Please include the following essential information...
* Name
* Age

* Phone Number
* Location
* Preferred appointment date
* Preferred time
*Anything else you would like to ask?

PLEASE NOTE: I understand during these times cancellations do occur. I do not charge a cancellation fee but please give me as much notice as possible.
No refund is giving if I have booked a flight or hotel at your expense.

My pricing & how do I pay you?

I feel my prices are very reasonable for the level of service I provide, therefore please - do not barter with me :(

Currently my preferred payment is cash in an envelope given to me on meeting you.  I will politely excuse myself to the bathroom then when business is done, we can relax & enjoy our time together.


How come you don't have many photos and non of your face?

Well, I value my privacy plus, maybe I am old fashioned, but it is nice to have a bit of mystery...I can assure you, no one has sent me home :)

Are you an Independent Escort?
Yes, I am an independent escort.

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