As this is not my career, I am probably like you - a bit selective... That initial text or phone call really sets the theme of what can be, so I cannot stress enough -

please make a good impression by telling me a bit about yourself. Somehow a text that says "Hi Babe" or "What's happening" does nothing for my libido :)


lying down.jpg


   I classify myself as

'An Experience with a Mature Woman'

because as a girlfriend, I was never

this self-assured or sizzling...

Relaxed & comfortable in my own skin.

You will find me mentally/physically

intimate, fun & a passionate companion.

I prefer not to have a list of what we

will share together but I can assure you...

I would rather be alone than have to fake anything!!!​​

​​​I place considerable thought, education, exercise & standards on being my personal best & adore sharing my

Adventurous & Creative Spirit.

Please feel free to ask questions in your initial phone call or email.

Please note, I do not offer porn star, bondage or filming


Our Time Together...

pillow talk